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Writers & Artists: Submission Guidelines
If you’re just arriving at this page, first have a look at the Summary and Welcome Message to get some background on Extraordinarium Digital Press. Use the menu to the right to navigate through the contents. Fiction Note: Call for Submissions closed until mid-2015. In general, Extraordinarium Digital Press seeks fiction works that are novella to novel length (80 double-spaced manuscript pages and up). Short story collections are also accepted (minimum 150 manuscript pages). There must be a strong theme of “the extraordinary” in the fiction work. While any literary genre is possible in exploring the extraordinary, Extraordinarium Digital Press is particularly interested in speculative fiction, genres such as science fiction, horror, and the fantastical. We are also interested in fiction that is set in real-life situations as outlined in the non-fiction section, such as travels, cultural exchanges, human talents, unexpected conflicts, and so forth. We seek fiction that can be widely comprehended by either an audience of youth (13+) and adult readers. Books will be clearly rated according to age appropriate audience (e.g. 13+ or 18+), and no matter the age of the reader, they are intended for readers with mature sensibilities.