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Writers & Artists: Submission Guidelines
If you’re just arriving at this page, first have a look at the Summary and Welcome Message to get some background on Extraordinarium Digital Press. Use the menu to the right to navigate through the contents. Non-Fiction Note: Call for Submissions closed until mid-2015. Below, we outline numerous non-fiction themes that we are interested in, and of course any of these aspects – and beyond – may be part of your book. We welcome personal experiences and studies alike. Scholarly studies should be written in a style that is accessible to general readership. Excellent research, clear and engaging writing, and non-defamatory prose are central to the non-fiction works we will accept. Length should be upwards of 100 manuscript pages, although shorter studies may be considered. Essay anthologies will also be considered. The themes we explore include: Coping with Uncertainty and the Unexpected A key component of the extraordinary is that since it is outside of the ordinary and is unexpected, it brings about uncertainty. How do people cope with this? How do they transform a difficult situation into an opportunity to make change, perhaps even find wonder? This coping process can emerge from any unusual, often unwanted circumstance: illness, war, strife, crime, natural disaster, and so forth. But it can also come about in very positive situations: travels, acts of kindness, intellectual insights, spiritual experiences, and so forth. The key here is to examine how individuals and communities encountered an unexpected, extraordinary situation, what happened, and how coping mechanisms were developed. Natural Wonders Within nature lies the extraordinary. Nature invites humans to move outside of their comfort zones, exploring its extremes, its beauty, and the marvels of life within it. Outside of our homes is a complex, living ecosystem. Piece by piece, those who study nature gain greater understanding of how it works, yet wonder remains central. The Supernatural, Paranormal, and Fortean This is everything and anything that falls into the category of “unexplained mystery,” or for that matter explaining a mystery. As Oxford English Dictionary defines it, these are things that are "beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature." Fortean denotes the American researcher Charles Fort (1874-1932) who looked into the entire array of strange phenomena. Themes can include: psi, ghosts and hauntings, clairvoyance and premonitions, unidentified phenomena and creatures, etc. Human Talents Human beings have tremendous abilities. To the talented individual, it may come naturally, but to those who see those talents in action, it inspires awe. People who excel at their talents – from athletes to artists, illusionists to mathematicians, clairvoyants to composers – make extraordinary marks on our world. Extraordinarium seeks to explore this further. Travels and Journeys Leaving certainty behind, people past and present embark on voyages to new lands, new lifestyles, new communities. There are misadventures, joys, and challenges to be found worldwide as people move across this planet like never before. In travelogues, the extraordinary arises on an almost daily basis. The traveller has much to share in showing that there is more to this world than one could ever know sitting at home. Cultural Exchanges Extending from travels and journeys, cultural exchanges also give rise to the extraordinary, as very different groups of people intersect around the world, even on your own street. Such exchanges are changing the world around us, bringing people together in marvellous, although sometimes tense ways. What happens when people break the ice and have conversations and learn from each other? Ideas and Imagination Last, but not, least, extraordinary things spring from the human mind. Our imaginations are boundless, and they not only create fantastical worlds through the arts, they also redefine our realities. What was once speculation becomes the latest technology, or solution to a problem, or even makes problems. This is where fiction and non-fiction intersect, and the extraordinary is in constant motion. Beyond these themes there are many more. If it has something extraordinary about it, Extraordinarium Digital Press welcomes your query.