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We like to be clear that your privacy is of key importance to Extraordinarium Digital Press & Journal. Below, we outline how information is collected and used in visiting this website, communicating with us, and submitting materials for our consideration. (1) In visiting this website, we may collect and store information for statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site to help us make them more useful to visitors. We use Google Analytics to find out which countries our visitors are from, what search terms were used to find the website, which pages were visited, and so on. When applicable, similar information is gathered for anonymous ftp, remote account login, or for other comparable types of connections. (2) If purchasing a product from this website, you will be directed to the appropriate third-party resellers (e.g. Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Nobles, etc.), in which case the terms of the sale are outlined on their websites. If purchasing a product directly through this website, again we use a secure third-party service, Gumroad, and the terms of the sale are outlined on that website. Concerns regarding purchases can be directed to us through our Contact form. (3) If you send us an e-mail directly or via our online contact form on this website, you will be sending us personal information such as your name and e- mail address. We may store your name and e-mail address in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter of your e-mail, however your e-mail will remain private and will not be shared with any third parties. (4) If you complete a form on our website, it is received by us in e-mail form, and the same policy as is outlined in point (3) above applies here. (5) Individuals who are submitting materials for our consideration for publication by Extraordinarium Digital Press and/or Journal can rest assured that all proposals, manuscripts, images, and other materials sent will remain confidential and private until such a time that we make an agreement with the individual in regards to publishing such materials. We want to be very clear: regardless of the information being transmitted to Extraordinarium Digital Press & Journal, we will protect all such information to the best of our abilities as per our Terms and Conditions. If you have any concerns, please contact us using the Contact form. This privacy statement was last updated on December 29, 2013, and is subject to refinement and amendment.
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