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What Extraordinarium Publishes
Journal The articles and interviews in Extraordinarium Journal (founded 2012) range from those who experience extraordinary things first hand; those who study such experiences and things; creative people who use the extraordinary as central to their art, literature, and music; and whatever else may fall into the study. We welcome suggestions for articles and people to speak with. Digital Press Extraordinarium Digital Press, launched in March 2014, releases ebooks (and potentially other media): non-fiction, fiction, and imaginative works that address themes of the extraordinary, the fantastical, and/or the supernatural. You can find more details about the type of materials the press publishes under our submission guidelines.  Note: Call for Submissions closed until mid-2015. Next: Submission Guidelines for the Digital Press
WHAT IS EXTRAORDINARIUM? Extraordinarium is a Digital Press & Journal in which we journey through the extraordinary, the fantastical and the supernatural.  It is curated and edited by Christopher Laursen. The extraordinary consists of moments, events, and things that unexpectedly catch us off guard - changing how we see the our lives. It defies order, challenges rules, and invites us rethink everything! Read more about the extraordinary in our About section. Our online Journal, Studies and Experiences of the Extraordinary (SEE), features indepth articles, interviews, and first-hand experiences on many facets of the extraordinary. The Digital Press publishes non-fiction on studies & experiences of the extraordinary; speculative fiction; and imaginative works. Subscribe to our e-mail list for updates.