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Writers & Artists: Submission Guidelines
If you’re just arriving at this page, first have a look at the Summary and Welcome Message to get some background on Extraordinarium Digital Press. Use the menu to the right to navigate through the contents. Introduction Extraordinarium Digital Press launched in March 2014. It features non-fiction, fiction, and other imaginative works that explore the vast topic of the extraordinary. Books are released exclusively in digital form and distributed directly on this website, and also through the popular third-party services Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBookstore, and potentially others in the future. Note: Call for Submissions closed until mid-2015. There are many benefits to working with Extraordinarium Digital Press. For the independent author, seeking these professional services to publish a book on their own adds up to thousands of dollars. A Professional, Supportive Press We offer our authors conceptual development support, professional editing, ebook and cover design, and full online distribution services at no charge. Authors can then focus on what really counts: writing and selling great books! Cooperative Marketing Furthermore, we work closely with our authors to develop ongoing marketing strategies that ensure the published work is reaching its potential audience. Profit-Sharing Model Extraordinarium Digital Press operates on a profit-sharing model. We do not charge our authors anything, but since we’re a small press, we do not offer advances. After costs are met*, the author and Extraordinarium Digital Press will equally split the profit. Both author and our press benefit from creating high quality digital publications and working together in the marketing. Reliable Royalty Payments Furthermore, we offer reliable direct electronic payments to our authors every two months. Next, check out submission guidelines for non-fiction, fiction, and imaginative works.
* What kinds of costs are incurred? For example royalty collected by third-party distributors – usually 30% of the retail sale – as well as any additional charge, such as Amazon’s delivery fee. Between 60% (third-party resellers) and 95% (website sales) royalty on the sale price is split equally between the author and the press. Pricing is decided between the press and the author. Extraordinarium Digital Press aims to make ebooks reasonable in price in order to reach the widest audience, for example in the range of $3 to $9 USD (£2 to £4.50 GBP).