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Writers & Artists: Submission Guidelines
If you’re just arriving at this page, first have a look at the Summary and Welcome Message to get some background on Extraordinarium Digital Press. Use the menu to the right to navigate through the contents. Some Technical Details Note: Call for Submissions closed until mid-2015. Your first step will be to query your proposal. Please do not send us full manuscripts. If we like your proposal, we will ask for sample chapters or a full manuscript. Here are a few notes on what we expect in manuscript submissions. Length For non-fiction, we seek works of 100 double-spaced manuscript pages and up, although shorter works may be considered. We also consider essay anthologies of 150 manuscript pages or more. For fiction, novellas and novels of 80 pages or more are accepted, as are short story collections. Permission to reprint any published stories must be granted in writing by the original publication in which the story appeared. For imaginative works, please inquire, as these projects have specific technical requirements. Manuscript Style Manuscripts should be submitted in .rtf, .doc., or .docx format. They should be typed in a 12-point standard font, such as Arial, Verdana, Lucida Sans Unicode, Times New Roman, or Georgia. They should be double-spaced. There should be standard space around each page of at least 0.75” (1.8 cm). Header should include author name/title of work. Footer should include page number. If there are notes, they may be included as linked footnotes or endnotes. We expect non-fiction works to cite sources in-text or in footnotes/endnotes.