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Welcome Message
Dear Explorers: Welcome to Extraordinarium! My name is Christopher Laursen, and I founded, curate, and edit the Digital Press and Journal. For me, this adventure started as a scholarly study of historical paranormal experiences and research. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia in Canada, and my doctoral dissertation is about how ideas about the poltergeist phenomenon shifted after the Second World War in the United States and Britain. Inspired by interdisciplinary efforts to examine such unusual encounters with things that are not well understood in broader ways – namely the York, England-based conference series Exploring the Extraordinary – I began to consider how the supernatural is but a slice of what comprises "extraordinary experiences and things." More than simply conversing between scholars, I think it is crucial that everybody shares ideas and experiencing relating to the extraordinary. My goal is to bring together many different people here, from many walks of life and different parts of the world. The result is a Digital Press and Journal that aims to consider the extraordinary in a wide variety of ways. I am working to diversify the content here in order to explore a more broad, interrelated variety of extraordinary experiences. Consider what you see here as a misty landscape which, small piece by small piece, becomes illuminated by rays of sunlight. Who knows what we may find! Whatever it is, it will outside of the normal routes on which we travel. Journey on. Next: More information on What We Publish Submission Guidelines for the Digital Press
WHAT IS EXTRAORDINARIUM? Extraordinarium is a Digital Press & Journal in which we journey through the extraordinary, the fantastical and the supernatural.  It is curated and edited by Christopher Laursen. The extraordinary consists of moments, events, and things that unexpectedly catch us off guard - changing how we see the our lives. It defies order, challenges rules, and invites us rethink everything! Read more about the extraordinary in our About section. Our online Journal, Studies and Experiences of the Extraordinary (SEE), features indepth articles, interviews, and first-hand experiences on many facets of the extraordinary. The Digital Press publishes non-fiction on studies & experiences of the extraordinary; speculative fiction; and imaginative works. Subscribe to our e-mail list for updates.